Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden

flordamianitaP1000658-300x225The Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden is a free public access garden in front of the Travis County AgriLife Extension Service offices. The garden demonstrates the Earth-Kind® approach by using native and adapted plants and water-efficient design and maintenance. Check our calendar for dates of free public educational gardening demonstrations.

The garden has plants for different needs, including drought tolerance, color, full sun, shade, and heights. There are ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, perennial flowers, Earth-Kind® roses, vines, and groundcovers. The garden is home to many species of insects, including those that are beneficial.

The Earth-Kind® approach used in the garden means that chemical products are not regularly used. Instead, well-adapted, disease resistant plants are grown. Plants that attract beneficial insects are planted throughout the garden to eliminate the need for chemical pesticide sprays. Regular applications of mulch which decomposes into compost provide the only fertilizer. A drip irrigation system below the mulch allows for even watering throughout the garden with minimal loss of water to evaporation.
florknockoutP1000613-300x225This is not a static garden; change is always present. A section of the garden was redesigned to create a butterfly and hummingbird habitat. Vegetable beds have been added, providing another avenue for education and testing. We continue to introduce plants into the garden to increase water efficiency and better use of space.

We welcome the public to visit the Demonstration Garden, and encourage you to visit multiple times to see the garden’s changing features through the seasons. If you visit during regular business hours, M-F 8am-5pm, and a Master Gardener is available, they would be happy to answer questions about the garden. Many of the plants are labeled with common and Latin names. The garden is located at 1600 B Smith Road, one block west of Hwy 183 and two blocks north of Bolm Road, near Austin-Bergstrom Airport and just north of the Colorado River.

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